12 Quick Spring Cleaning Tasks to Tune-Up Your Home

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We’ve reached that time of the year again. It’s time for spring cleaning! If you’re like us, this is a dreaded part of the year. BUT, it doesn’t have to be that nuisance anymore with these effective 10 minute tasks.

  1. Wash and dry the slipcovers from your pillows, sofas and chairs. Put in the washer and dryer one day. Put back on the furniture the next day.
  2. Take 10 minutes and clean the junk drawer in your house. For many people, this drawer is in the kitchen. Toss the junk and use a silverware organizer to manage the chaos going forward.
  3. Clean the blades on the ceiling fans.
  4. Make today toy clean-up day. Put all the game pieces together in Ziploc bags, throw out broken items and donate toys your kids have outgrown.
  5. Clean out your refrigerator. Check expiration dates and toss everything that is old or will not be eaten.
  6. Clean out your medicine cabinet and toss old medications (both prescription and over-the-counter). Go to safeguardmymeds.org to find out how to safely dispose of these items.
  7. Clean your most cluttered countertop. For many it’s the dining room table or kitchen counters. Recycle what you can and shred sensitive materials.
  8. Change the batteries in your smoke and CO2 alarms. Why wait for the annoying beeping sound?
  9. Clean your blinds. Try using fabric softener sheets (you can show your kids how to do this).
  10. Take three days to clean windows. Start with the dirtiest windows and go from there.
  11. Wash and dust the baseboards in each room. This is another task the whole family can get in on. Just remember, 10 minutes with five people is almost an hour of cleaning time.
  12. Dedicate a day to maintaining and fixing things. Oil a lock, fix a broken toilet paper holder, etc. Just make a punch-list and start checking off items.

If you have your own spring cleaning tips, please share with us! Do you have any to add to this 10 minutes-or-less list?

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One Day Curb Appeal Projects

One Day Curb Appeal Projects

If you plan on selling your home, or you just want it to make a better first impression, there are lots of simple projects for boosting your curb appeal you can complete in just one day! Oh, and they won’t make you break open the college fund either… A little bit of work and you can change the look of your home and increase it’s value. The featured project above, is from ‘Craft Pro‘. You can make a dirty looking sidewalk or driveway look brand new by power washing it. You can rent power washers for a small fee. Fast and easy!

Jen at ‘Just for Rachel’ shows us how to make new house numbers, for less than $10! This simple, yet creative idea makes a big difference from the street. It looks very nice and it makes a house easier to find in case of emergency… Great budget project!

One Day Curb Appeal Projects


Val at ‘Zen Shmen’ shares her DIY front walk makeover, and this looks so inviting! She walks you through the whole project step by step… You might want a friend to help you with this one to get it all done in one day, but so worth it!

One Day Curb Appeal Projects


Want a mailbox that leaves a great impression? This DIY mailbox makeover from Traci at ‘Beneath My Heart’ looks like an expensive custom installation, but they did this themselves! If you take time to read through their tutorial, you will find that it is easier than it looks… Definitely click through and check out her before and after photos! Big curb appeal!

One Day Curb Appeal Projects


Want a super fast front door update? Hang an oversized craft store letter monogram on your front door instead of a wreath like Jilly from ‘Me & Jilly’ did. Make sure you use a larger letter so it makes an impact from the street. Go to her site to see the before photos of her front door so you can see exactly how much of a difference this made!



Do you have garbage cans or an ugly air conditioner that can be seen from the street? Then build this compost screen with the tutorial from ‘Lowes’. Easy project to hide those utilitarian things we can’t move.

One Day Curb Appeal Projects


If you prefer an easier route to hiding the ugly, try this screen we found at ‘Target‘… It could be moved anywhere you need it, and sometimes a little investment is worth a quick fix.



Got cement steps that look old and rough? Nothing makes a home look run down faster than a run down walkway. Jeff at ‘Home Repair Tutor’ has a complete tutorial and a video on cement step repair that anyone can do… It just takes a little planning, but could save you a whole lot of money in contractor fees.

One Day Curb Appeal Projects


A few one day curb appeal ideas from ‘BHG‘? Install low voltage lighting, or solar lighting along your front walk. You can find these at any home improvement store.

One Day Curb Appeal Projects


Or install window boxes you make from their plans…

One Day Curb Appeal Projects


Jamin and Ashley from ‘The Handmade Home’ show us how to build shutters… The before and after kinda says it all, doesn’t it?

One Day Curb Appeal Projects

Ok, that should keep you busy this weekend, right? Do have any one day curb appeal project ideas? Share in comments!

Source: www.thebudgetdecorator.com