18 Ways to Add Instant Curb Appeal to Your Home

  1. Paint your front door. (There’s an app called “Front Door Paint” that allows you to see what different door colors would look like)
  2. If you don’t want paint, just give your door a good scrub.
  3. Spray paint your existing door hardware. Anything is more modern than contractor’s brass.
  4. Give your house numbers a font upgrade.
  5. Frame your door. Painting the trim and adding matching molding can make any door frame look tons better
  6. Add a stylish door knocker.
  7. Put in some new porch lights. Or upgrade the ones you already have.
  8. Add tile to plain concrete entryway, or make faux tiles with concrete stain.
  9. Adding layers of plants will give more dimension to you porch.
  10. Wood-stain your aluminum garage door to give your home a more rustic feel.
  11. Cover an exposed foundation with ready made panels.
  12. Camouflage the ugly electrical boxes and hide your A/C unit.
  13. Give your mailbox a makeover.
  14. Revamp your welcome mat.
  15. Pressure wash everything!
  16. Hang up your water hose.
  17. Create a flower bed around your trees for another well-contained pop of color.
  18. Top it all off with a porch swing.

If you have any more ideas on what could make your home pop out, please let us know in a comment below!


How to Sell Your Home for More

You always want to make a good impression and sell your home for as much as you possibly can. Below are 10 tips to help you increase the value and look of your home.

  1. Price Below Market Value
    Pricing your home slightly below market value can create urgency among active buyers who know the market. Increasing the odds of multiple offers.
  2. Brighten Up the Rooms
    A dark room can feel dark and cluttered. Clean the windows, open up the blinds and turn on the lights.
  3. Clean Out the Closets
    Remove 50% of everything in the closet and pack it away. Buyers want to see more closet space and less clutter.
  4. Paint the Front Door
    Make your home stand out! A freshly painted door can leave a great first impression to an excited home buyer.
  5. Enhance the Landscaping
    Spruce up the landscaping! The front of your house is the first thing buyers see online and when they pull-up in the driveway.
  6. Stain Deck and Driveway
    Staining your driveway is simple and cost effective. Cover up those old oil spots and make it look new again.
  7. Paint Walls Neutral Color
    Painting the rooms throughout the house a neutral color is less distracting and can be more comforting for visitors.
  8. Clean. Clean. Clean.
    Make sure your home is clean from all odors and debris. Clean up before every showing:
    – Vacuum
    – Wash Floors
    – Clean Windows & Blinds
    – Clean Baseboards
  9. Pack Away Picture Frames
    De-personalize. Take the time to pack away certain items like pictures, trophies, and awards.
  10. Kitchen Improvements
    No matter your budget, you can make improvements to your kitchen that can make a big difference when selling.

Don’t Be Intimidated by These Real Estate Terms!

Real estate can be scary at times, especially when you aren’t in the industry. If you aren’t familiar with the lingo in real estate, it can sometimes add to more frustration. To prevent any additional pressure and keep you from being overwhelmed when buying or selling for the first time, we are providing a few very helpful real estate definitions.

Appraisal – the estimate value of a property.

Certificate of Title – document that ensures the property is legally owned by the person who claims it.

Closing Costs – all the fees and expenses associated with closing on a home, usually around 6% of the cost of the home.

Comparative Marketing Analysis (CMA) – a study of how comparable local homes have sold to help determine a reasonable price for the property.

Contingencies – conditions that must be met in order for the offer on a home to proceed.

Due Diligence – actions that a responsible buyer must address in to protect the real estate investment.

Debt to Income Ratio – in order to qualify for a loan, your monthly debt cannot exceed 43% of your monthly income.

Earnest Money Deposit – payment made to the seller with the offer to show serious intention.

Escrow – an account where all closing costs are collected while the lender approves the deal.

FICO Score – numerical value assigned to lenders based on their credit history.

Fiduciary Duties – the responsibilities of the broker that the real estate agent works for.

Good Faith Deposit – payment made to the lender  with the offer to show serious intention.

HOA – homeowners association; the organization that determines community rules and standards.

Loan to Value Ratio – how the lender determines if the loan is worth the risk associated with it.

Mortgage – simply put: the home loan.

Pre-qualification – the process to determine if a borrower is qualified for a loan; amount is approximate.

Payment Terms – principle, interest, taxes, PMI, etc. all the buyers really needs to know is the monthly and cumulative totals.